The Weight of the World

Weight. It is a touchy subject for many people. No matter what your size, there will be someone who has a negative comment about it. Women’s magazines have diet stories in every issue, making their money off our insecurity. We hate it but we let it continue. Why is that?

Today I ran into an old friend. We had the usual chat, how are the kids, blah blah blah. Everything was great until she said “You’re so skinny, don’t you eat.” We joked about it being just how I am and ended the conversation. As you are now reading this you can see it didn’t end there for me.

Now one would think that being in my thirties I would have adjusted to comments like this. After all, I can remember being teased from pre-teen years because of my size. I lost count how many times I have been called anorexic over this time. Over twenty years of this comments. You know what, it still fucking hurts.

The only times in my life I have gained weight was during pregnancy. My youngest, Bear, is nearly one. I put on 20kg with him. It’s nearly all gone. I bet you are thinking, what is she complaining about. Well I’m complaining about the attitude of people who think it is okay to ridicule others for being different. I have always struggled with my weight. I am 6ft so I look very skinny. I’m currently an AUS size 10 but I look a size 6. So people feel the need to tell me to go eat something. You try hearing that shit nearly every day of your life and let me know how you feel.

While I’m in rant mode, what the heck is with pushing our insecurity about our bodies onto our kids. My gorgeous Princess first made a comment about her size when she was 7. She said she had a big belly. Now this child has her mother’s build and couldn’t have a fat day if she tried. Her pants are either too short or too wide depending on whether we buy for her waist or leg length. But she thought she was fat as another little girl at school had worried they were fat. It is not okay for little children to feel like that.

I don’t even know where I was going with this but there is a few things I want to say. We all have body issues. We all deal with them in different ways. How about the next time you feel the need to say something to someone about their weight you just keep your mouth shut. If they want your opinion, they will ask you for it. You don’t know what inner struggle that person could be dealing with.

Laters x

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