Time for Some New Year New Me Bullshit

2018 broke me. Seriously fucked me up. I had a mental breakdown and got diagnosed with a chronic pain condition. I still had to be a mum of three, I still had all my responsibilities, yet just getting out of bed was a struggle. I went into autopilot just to survive. I am just coming out of the haze now and witnessing the mess that has been left behind.

I’m not really creating a new me this year, just trying to get back to the real me. I have started making up my battle plans. First is trying to catch up on all the paperwork I failed to get sorted last year. Trust me there is a lot. I will get on top of the finances slowly but surely. I will get my home in some form of order, or at least comfortable and homely. With two very active boys, keeping things clean and organised can be very difficult lol.

I planted a herb garden yesterday. I still have a few more herbs to get. I’m hoping to get back to basics and grow as much of my own produce as possible. We already raise our own pigs so embracing a more sustainable lifestyle would be fantastic. My favourite memories as a child involve wandering around the family farm. I hope to give my kids the same opportunities.

So essentially this year I intend to get my shit together. We will see how that goes. I plan on making regular blogs so the results will be evident. Fingers crossed x

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