The Sass is Strong With This

Tween. Preteen. Prepubescent. Different words that all mean the same thing. Not so mini me trying to push every boundary possible. Don’t get me wrong, I love Miss 9 to distraction but fuck! The attitude that has started to emerge from her over the last few months has been exhausting. Any chore is too hard, too unfair, or just plain boring in her eyes. God help me if I ask her to do two chores in one day. That’s apparently making her do everything.

Now I have always encouraged her to speak her mind. Honesty is a big thing in my house. I want my kids to know they can talk to me truthfully about anything at all. But when you’re faced with the princess of sass herself telling you that her life is so boring and it’s not fair that she has to do any chores, you start to question whether you did the right thing.

I recently started attending a parenting program called Bringing Up Great Kids. It focuses on us as parents, how we have developed our parenting styles, and how we can promote positive self-identity in our children. Now I mostly joined up so I could discover more ways to try and manage things with Miss 9. Generally I seem to be getting this parenting gig right but there is still that part of me that doubts. I don’t find parenting easy. In fact, it is a daily struggle for me. I am constantly feeling like I am not good enough for my kids. That I am letting them down. Fingers crossed this program will not only perk me up but help tame the sassy princess.

Til next time X

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