The Impact of Self Care on the Family Unit

I’m getting a bit more serious here. Note the lack of word play in the title. I know, even I am amazed. This is a serious topic though, especially for those of us who devote our entire lives to looking after the welfare of others. I was recently lucky enough to get an extended break of three full days and four nights. This is the longest time I have spent away from my kids since they were born. Usually I can manage one night every six months or so. Just enough of a breather to keep going. As I have said on other occasions, I really struggle with parenting. I just find it very difficult. Granted I devote all my time and energy to my kids, but I constantly worry that I’m not good enough for them. So for me, having that moment for reflection and self care is really important.

Back to the tale of my break. My sister and I went to Melbourne. We did the usual touristy things like exploring the museum and the Queen Vic markets. We ran on our own schedule. There was no pressure to be somewhere at a certain time or eat at a certain time. Then we finished off with an epic day at the metal festival, Download. Seeing the likes of Alice in Chains, Slayer, I Prevail and the Amity Affliction was an amazing experience. I am one of those people who finds heavy music therapeutic. As a young teen, I could be found blaring one of the many sub genres of metal as a means of calming down. Good for the soul lol.

I came home with a new sense of purpose, rejuvenated and ready to take on my life as it is. I have been discussing with Princess Sass some new house rules. We have worked out a new chore chart for her and cleaning schedule for me. My home isn’t messy for the first time in ages and I even managed to find the bottom of my folding pile.

I am now making a little time every day just for me. I have a novel that I’m already halfway through reading. I plan to complete a new painting in the next few weeks. My herb garden is looking fantastic. Some self love works wonders. Just a little time each day doing something that makes you happy is an amazing thing.

Take care xx

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