Illness, Visitors and Chauvinism – A Week In Mumma Paradox World

Last week I spent over 48 hours in hospital with my son. A throat infection had him exhausted, with tonsils so swollen they were touching. Just 24 hours from the first fever and dehydration was already setting in. Now my son is 4 and mostly non verbal. His vocabulary isn’t much more than my 18 month old. It is an upsetting experience trying to explain to your little one that the needles and machines are all there to help him. Though I must say the hospital staff were fantastic with him and really tried to explain things at a level he could grasp.

I was tired. I was twelve hours sleep over three nights tired. Your brain gets to a stage where it can’t function properly anymore and you turn into a blabbering idiot. Squeezing two bodies into a single hospital bed as your child insists on being glued to you, is not conducive to sleep. We make these sacrifices for our children’s sake. That first night back in my own bed was fantastic.

I was privileged enough to have my father-in-law visit two days after we were discharged. I say privileged as this allowed me to nap over the next few days while knowing someone was caring for the children for me. God knows I needed the sleep. This extra set of hands allowed me to try and catch up on the chores that weren’t completed while I was in hospital with Master 4. Like mounds and mounds of washing. Honestly, I don’t understand how there can be so much damn washing after three days. Especially when a load was done each day anyway.

The gremlin’s father works seven days a week. As such, he holds the rather antiquated view that’s it is the woman’s place to keep the home as the male is financially providing for everyone. Now I’m okay to some degree with being responsible for the home as I am the stay at home parent. But you can bet your sweet ass I am not a 50’s housewife with coiled hair ready to pander to my man’s every need. You helped make this family, you help clean up after them.

As I have mentioned before, I have chronic health issues. I have days every month where getting out of bed will have me in tears as it is just so painful. When I have someone pulling that holier than now chauvinistic crap on me, get ready for a fight. Luckily, I am slowly training him. It is a very slow process though. Eleven years already and I still have a lot of work to do.

Time to sit back for a little while and rest. Damn health is making it hard for me today. Laters x

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