Sleep tight

We have a number of sleep routines in our house. The easiest is my baby Teddy, who is in bed with his blanket by 7 every evening. Next is my Princess, my school kiddo, who must go to the toilet, kiss dad good night, then be tucked up by Mum at 7:30. Then there’s Robot. My middle child, who is entirely obsessed with robots hence the nickname, has always had issues with sleep. From birth he was up multiple times a night, not sleeping through for the first time until he was nearly 18 months of age.

If he doesn’t have a nap during the day, his nightly dose of melatonin helps him get to sleep by 8pm. Previous to melatonin, sleep would be anywhere from 7pm to 2am. At least now I can expect him to be asleep by 10pm at the very latest. Last night, however, was one of our disaster nights. He had a big nap at day care as his day care mum could not wake him after the usual hour she let’s him have. So last night we finally wound down some time after 2am.

As you can imagine, I am extremely tired today so I will be crawling into bed as soon as I’m able to tonight zzz

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