Time Flies for Young and Old

As I lay here in bed, being used as a pillow by my son, I can’t help but wonder where the last month has gone. It feels like I have barely had a moment to myself. Overall a lot has been accomplished. The impact on my physical and mental health is still to be seen. It’s 4pm on a Friday afternoon and I’m already in bed as I feel like I’m getting sick so I think that says a lot.

The disability support plan for my little robot came through. This has been six months in the making. I can now access more therapy sessions for him so he is able to start school next year. I have managed to find a great local kindergarten that is happy to take him on for the rest of the year. This five days a fortnight should do wonders for his skills and social abilities. On top of this, Robot is finally sleeping in his own bed. Yes it is a mattress on the floor in my room but after four years of sharing a bed with him this is a miracle.

Wardrobe clean outs have been done for the new season. Except for mine of course. I have already gifted a bag of barely worn girls clothes to one of my lovely neighbors. As a mum of five girls, she loves hand me downs. The rest of the clothes are bagged up ready to be donated to the local charity stores.

Mr Paradox has lost over fifty kilograms since his gastric sleeve surgery in January, meaning his entire wardrobe needed to go as it was falling off him. We recently went shopping and he bought his first fashionable clothes in years. Even he recognized how well he has done and won’t stop talking about how sexy he is looking now. I’m so proud of all his hard work.

I had a severe pain flare up that saw me literally bed bound for three days on strong pain medication and muscle relaxants. Essentially all the muscles in my lower back, hips and calves cramped up and wouldn’t release. This is becoming a regular occurrence. It took two weeks before I could start walking properly again. Unfortunately my appointment with pain clinic isn’t until December so I doubt I will get any answers until then. I’m starting to suspect fibromyalgia at this point but I’m no medical professional. I just want to know why I keep feeling like this.

To add to all this we had multiple doctor appointments, therapy sessions, sporting events, business bookkeeping and the usual chaos of running a household. Oh and a week long illness that saw my Princess go from bodily explosions to lethargy to attitude and back again. Yep no wonder I’m exhausted. Might just stay in bed and try for a better day tomorrow xx

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