Another Year Is Well Under Way

Welcome to the New Year! I know, I know. I’m over a month late but it has been a busy year already. Here’s a quick summary of everything this year has brought so far.

FND decided to kick my ass even further. My symptoms flared up on January 6th and I haven’t seen an end to them since. I have had a number of milder days but those are now few and far between. The pain from my fibro has increased again too. The muscles in my neck and shoulders are taking the term ‘pain in the neck’ way too far.

Our little homestead has grown even more. More pigs, more muscovy ducks, more chickens. So many more that I will devote an entire blog to those updates. I have a new vegetable garden thanks to my father-in-law. He spent time with us over the Christmas holidays and helped get my limited attempt completed for me. So now I just have to look after the herbs and vegetables I have put in so far. I will be adding more as my health allows.

Master 4 started prep! The hard work we have put in over the last two years has been paying off. He is managing in the school environment far better than expected. Only two meltdowns in his first two weeks so we are counting that as a win. Miss 10 (yep she is now 10) has started Grade 5. She now has a great group of friends and seems so much happier.

Well that’s me for now. Stay tuned for the baby saga that is 2020. The Year of the Rat is in full force that’s for sure lol. Until then xxx

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