The Mountain of Paper Grows Ever Bigger

I had my NDIS access request denied today. For those of you who don’t know what it is the NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme here in Australia. Even with multiple reports and documentation from my doctor, they agree that yes I am disabled but they can not establish a base line for me. As I haven’t received treatment for my FND, a condition that most people have never heard of and one that has no recommended treatment plan. So yeah that was great. Following this was a very understanding phone call from my TPD claims manager, (hey there), who explained my claim will essentially need to be on hold until I can access the FND Specialist for Queensland in August. It is more of the hurry up and wait variety here now. It would be great to spend more than 70% of my life active than the current predicament of having that time resting as my body can not function properly. So I just get to collect my doctors reports, collate my medical folder and keep on trying to access some help so I can actually function at a “normal” level. Screw this I’m going for a nap

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